Saturday, 5 September 2015

Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson UFC 191

Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson squared off two years ago in a thrilling bout. The two men met for a rematch at UFC 191, Johnson putting his flyweight title on the line inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The fight started with some quick movements from both fighters looking to jockey for position. There were some quick exchanges in between longer periods of positioning. A healthy mix of kicks and strikes, Johnson controlling the center of the cage for the most part and seemingly dictating the pace, Dodson left to react. Johnson landed a straight left that had Dodson on his heels. Johnson seemed to try and move quickly preventing Dodson from getting set and planning his move. Hume told Johnson less "in and out," now. Wants him to stand in longer. Both guys come rushing out, and Johnson comes in wit ha heat check high kick. Dodson stings him with a right then rolls out. Quick, impossible exchanges, and now in the middle Dodson grabs Johnson and drives him to the ground. For a moment he lands some shots while Johnson is down, but Johnson bounces back up. Now it's Johnson grabbing Dodson's knee off a kick, and he drives him to the fence. Still has the leg, and can't take him down. Dodson doing admirable job of keeping the fight standing. Johnson in the middle, and they exchange. Neither landing flush. Dodson keeps surging forward with very little payoff. Johnson too elusive a target. Dodson tries to shoot in, though, and they go to fence. He can't complete the takedown, but Dodson roughing him up for a moment on the cage. They break. Body kick from Dodson. Now Lead right from Johnson lands, and he clinches.Johnson came out swinging again and tagged Dodson early. Johnson kept the pressure on Dodson, forcing him to react and to fight defensively. Dodson went for a takedown but Johnson scrambled and escaped but it wasn’t pretty. The fight went to the clinch and Dodson turned it around. Johnson threw some knees from the outside while it appeared as if Dodson tried to catch his breath. Johnson went for a takedown and got Dodson to the ground briefly, keeping him pinned against the cage however and throwing knees.Final round, and Johnson barely breathing hard. Dodson to center, might need to finish here. Attack from Johnson, who is still aggressive. Kick to the body from Dodson. Furious fast exchanges, too hard to capture, but Johnson winning those. Dodson rolling, but he's being pursued everywhere he goes. Clinch again, take down from Johnson who can't do much with it. Dodson back up. Right hand again from Johnson, who has had no problem landing that all night. And another. Dodson walked into that one. Precision and speed from Mighty Mouse, who rushes forward again trying to plant Dodson. Inside of two minutes, and Johnson still making Dodson react and dance to his tune. Hell of a pace, but always in control. Johnson picks Dodson up and slams him down, but again, Dodson right back up. Some swelling on Dodson's eye. A little blood. Looks like Mighty Mouse is on his way to another title defense. Inside of a minute. Dodson trying to set something big up, but he's just a step behind in every phase. They roll on the cage, and Johnson has his back to the links. Crowd lets out a chorus of boos. Dodson isn't going to land that big shot.

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