Saturday, 5 September 2015

Andrei Arlovski def. Frank Mir unanimous decision

Andrei Arlovski took a unanimous decision win over Frank Mir in the UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson co-main event, a battle of former UFC heavyweight champions.In the first round Mir tried forcing Arlovski into the fence early but the Belorussian spun free. At range Arlovski landed led kicks at will and some sharp right hands. Mir continued to walk Arlovski down and push him into the cage when he could. Arlovski's eyebrow was bloodied, apparently by the head fight against the fence.The round opened with mir getting Arlovski to the ground, but found himself in Arlovski’s full guard. Mir didn’t appear to do a whole lot with his positioning, Arlovski clasping hands behind Mir’s back to keep him close. Eventually the fight was stood back up. The exchanges weren’t necessarily thrilling, Mir throwing a spinning back fist at one point that ended with him against the cage in Arlovski’s clinch. In the third both men appeared exhausted as they mugged each other against the cage. Ref Big John McCarthy threatened to break up the stalled clinch a couple times before he finally did restart the action.The fight returned to the cage again, but after another bout of relative inactivity the fight was broken apart and brought back into the middle of the ring. Mir landed a big hand to Arlovski and had him on the ground for some brief ground and pound, but Arlovski was able to escape to his feet. For a third time in this round, the fight went to the cage and was broken up due to inactivity. This time Arlovski tagged Mir but Mir appeared to whether the punches.

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