Friday, 13 July 2012

Sylvester Stallone's Son Sage Found Dead

Sage Stallone, the 36-year-old son of Sylvester Stallone, has been found dead at a house in Los Angeles.

Authorities were investigating Sage Stallone's death, but details were not immediately available.

"Sylvester Stallone is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son," publicist Michelle Bega said in a statement. "His compassion and thoughts are with Sage's mother, Sasha."

Los Angeles police said they were dispatched to investigate a death at a home on Mulholland Terrace around 2.15pm on Friday.The Post reports that his mother, Sasha Czack, had also been notified of her son's passing. Stallone made his acting debut alongside his father in "Rocky V." He went on to act in a number of films, most recently in "Promises Written in Water" in 2010 (he also appeared in "The Agent," a short, and in a 2011 television documentary episode on the Rocky films).

Sylvester Stallone was in San Diego Thursday to promote "Expendables 2," his new film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actors spoke on a panel in Hall H at Comic-Con.

Andrea Fabra diputada del PP ¿Psicofonía o Cacafonía? - !Que se jodan

Andre bonita, que no te coscas, que a estas alturas deberías saber que los españoles no somos el enemigo, que pagamos tu sueldo y que nos representas para nuestra desgracia. Das asco como el resto de la clase política y que contribuyes a enredar más el ambientito poítico; eres una vergüenza a nivel personal y político, alguien como tú no puede estar en el Congreso.Lo peor de todo es que aunque la destituyan, entre todos le pagaremos un sueldo vitalicio. Sin un duro y con una carta de desahucio tendría que verse. A ver que le parecerían las medidas del PP entoncesSi España no fuera una República Bananera (Que lo es) esta tipa estaría en la puta calle más rápido que inmediatamente. En cualquier país democrático, se dimite ipso facto.Andrea Fabra, tras conocer una de las medidas de Rajoy, el recorte del subsidio por desempleoY si ahora cualquier padre de familia en paro desde hace mas de un año, sin poder comprerle a sus hijos nada por su cumpleaños, o comer lo básico y ni eso, o que sus hijos van con las zapatillas rotas al colegio porque no tiene para comprarles unas nuevas, va y le pega fuego a esta hija de la gran puta, ¿que dirán, que está loco? pues no, es lo minimo que se le puede pasar a una persona en una situación límite y encima se rían de ti en tu puta cara

Jane DeLeon & Irma Rodriguez, Lesbian Couple, Files Federal Lawsuit To Stop Same-Sex Couple Deportation

A lesbian couple filed a federal lawsuit in California on Thursday seeking to solve their immigration woes and put a stop to the deportation of same-sex spouses.

The suit – which seeks class-action status – was filed on behalf of Philippines citizen Jane DeLeon, who was sponsored for a green card by her employer but can't get a waiver she needs to obtain residency here because the U.S. government doesn't recognize her three-year marriage to her American spouse.

The case is one of a number of challenges brought by same-sex couples – some of them facing immigration troubles – over the federal Defense of Marriage Act, a 1996 law that prohibits the U.S. government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

"It's clearly the kind of case where typically the waiver would have been granted, but it was simply denied based on DOMA," said Peter Schey, president of the Los Angeles-based Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, which filed the suit on behalf of the couple and DeLeon's 26-year-old son.But federal immigration authorities last year denied her application for a waiver on the basis of her 2008 marriage in California to 49-year-old American Irma Rodriguez, even though Rodriguez suffers from a medical condition that could make moving to the Philippines devastating to her health.

The government told DeLeon that Rodriguez did not qualify as a relative because of the Act, according to the lawsuit.

In April, immigration advocates sued in New York on behalf of several married gay couples, alleging the law violated their constitutional rights by preventing them from sponsoring their spouses for green cards.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Blake was arrested in 2002, almost a year after the murder of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley—a charge for which he was acquitted of in 2005. When Morgan said he wasn’t sure if the actor was telling the truth about the events surrounding her death, Blake and the host had a fiery exchange:

“Well, tell me where I'm lying, because if you don't know I'm telling you the truth, then you must have a little scratch in the back of your head about where I'm lying,” Blake shouted. “Tell me where I’m lying.”

“I’m not saying you’re lying,” Morgan told him, but was unable to placate the irate entertainer.

“You said I might not be telling the truth. What the hell is the difference?” Blake roared back. He eventually calmed down, citing his “thin skin” as the reason for his seemingly hysterical response.

“I've never allowed anybody to ask me the questions that you're asking,” Blake told him sullenly. “I allowed you to do that because I trust you. And I would have assumed that you and that guy in your ear would trust me. And if you don't, then we'd better start talking about 'The Little Rascals.'"

Mitt Romney Booed at NAACP Over Obamacare

Mitt Romney was booed Wednesday at the NAACP conference for promising to repeal the president's signature health care reform law, bringing him to an awkward halt in the middle of an otherwise civilly-received pitch for black voters.

It was an awkward moment that forced him to go off script, after giving a somewhat pained smile as the booing continued.

"I'm going to eliminate every non-essential, expensive program I can find, that includes Obamacare, and I'm going to work to reform and save --" Romney said before being interrupted for about 15 seconds.

"You know, there was a survey of the Chamber of Commerce -- they carried out a survey of their members, about 1,500 surveyed, and uh, they asked them what effect Obamacare would have on their plans, and three-quarters of them said it made them less likely to hire people," he said when the booing stopped. "So I say, again, that if our priority is jobs, and that's my priority, that's something I'd change and replace."

Romney wasn't entering a crowd that was likely to be convinced: a vast majority of black voters went for President Barack Obama in 2008. Still, Romney made an attempt at the Houston conference to tout his policies and say they would better serve the black community on education, unemployment and traditional marriage.Blacks are widely expected to back Obama, the first African-American president, in November, but the crucial question in a neck-and-neck race is whether Romney can lure enough black voters to make a difference in swing states like Florida and North Carolina.

McCain won a dismal five percent of the black vote, and Romney is aiming to bring the figure closer to the 11 percent that George W. Bush won in 2004.

His address to the NAACP can be seen as an effort to make Romney, a multimillionaire former businessman and investor with a reputation of not connecting with everyday voters, appear more attractive to a diverse electorate.

He has a daunting task. Republican-led efforts in several states to require voters to present government-issued ID at polling booths is seen as having a disproportionate effect on minorities and the poor, who vote more Democratic.

And he wants Bush-era tax cuts extended for all Americans including the rich, a position that might not sit well with working class voters.

Bob Kraft, Ricki Noel Lander Star In Bizarre Audition Video

According to Forbes, Bob Kraft was worth $1.7 billion as of March 2012. He has used that vast wealth to acquire, among many things, the New England Patriots. What he seems not to have spent much money on is acting classes or dance lessons.This bizarre video appears to be an audition for Rick Noel Lander that co-stars Kraft. She is an actress who attended a recent Celtics playoff game with Kraft. He told the Boston Herald that she was his "pal" and she has been described as his girlfriend in many reports about this video.With the plot about a budding relationship between an erotic dancer and an executive at Yahoo! seeming less than promising, Kraft steals the show with his dances moves and his profane dialogue. Barstool Sports (who had the video first and uploaded it to YouTube) writer Jerry Thornton told a radio station in Boston that the audition was for an upcoming Vince Vaughn movie.

The 71-year-old Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994 and has been a familiar fixture at games ever since. Until she passed away in 2011, his wife, Myra, was also a prominent face around the team. Noted for her philanthropy, Myra was honored by the Patriots during the team's recent Super Bowl run by an MHK patch on the uniforms.

Ohio freight train derails, causing fiery blast

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Part of a freight train carrying ethanol derailed and caught fire in Ohio's capital city early Wednesday, shooting flames skyward into the darkness and prompting the evacuation of a mile-wide area as firefighters and hazardous materials crews monitored the blaze.Norfolk Southern said it appeared about 11 cars of a southbound train derailed around 2 a.m. near Interstate 71, southeast of the Ohio State University campus. They went off the tracks north of downtown, in an industrial area blocks from residential neighborhoods.
Joel Priester said he watched the blast from his home two blocks away.
I saw flames, then I heard a loud sound, like a boom, and saw the flames shooting higher," he said. "It looked like the sun exploded."Three of the burning cars were tankers carrying ethanol, said Assistant Chief David Whiting of the Columbus fire division. After viewing the scene in daylight, authorities decided to let the fire burn out instead of trying to extinguish it.

Two people who ran toward the scene before the explosion were injured but were able to take themselves to a hospital, fire Battalion Chief Michael Fowler said.Norfolk Southern said none of its workers were hurt.Photographer Chris Mumma said he was more than 10 miles away in New Albany when he saw the night sky brightened by a "huge illumination" that he later learned was an explosion. He said he went to the scene to take photos and saw punctures on top of the train that were spewing flames 20 to 30 feet high. He also noticed an odd odor.
I noticed there was a chemical smell, and I was inhaling it so I backed up a little bit more because I wasn't sure what I was getting involved with," he said. Mumma said it made him so nauseous that he ended up at the hospital.
About 50 evacuees were at an American Red Cross aid site set up at the state fairgrounds.Among them was Linda Ogletree, who lives a block from the accident site.
I was in the house and heard the explosion, then I ran outside to see where it was coming from. The whole outside was lit up," she said.She said she walked to the end of the street with other people but took off running when an explosion occurred.
Norfolk Southern said two locomotives and three of the train's 98 freight cars were safely removed from the scene.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Rangers, Twins Game Halted By Lightning Bolt, Thunder (VIDEO)

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Talk about an electrifying performance.
Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli and Minnesota batter Ryan Doumit quickly scrambled to their respective dugouts and base runner Josh Willingham dropped to his knees when a bolt of lightning struck near Rangers Ballpark during Sunday night's game.The bright flash was immediately followed by a loud clap of thunder.
Rangers officials said the lightning struck north of stadium and didn't hit the facility. There were no reports of damage or any injuries.
While there were scattered storms in the surrounding area, no rain was falling when the lightning and thunder jolted everyone in the ballpark in the top of the fourth inning.That's the loudest noise I've ever heard. I thought Jesus was comin!," Twins center fielder Denard Span tweeted during the ensuing delay.

Chuck Morgan, the longtime public address announcer for the Rangers, asked fans to thank the grounds crew after the delay which started after what he called the loudest thunder clap ever heard at Rangers Ballpark.On the first pitch thrown by Oswalt when the game resumed, Doumit grounded into an inning-ending double play.
There had been a lightning flash and some thunder an inning earlier, and fans had been warned of the possibilities of storms in the area.

William Winans, 1-Year-Old Illinois Boy, Bitten In Crib By Escaped Ball Python

William Winans, a one-year-old boy in Mattoon, Ill., is recovering after an escaped python crawled into his crib, wrapped itself around his leg and bit him, ABC News and The Herald & Review report.

According to the below video from ABC News, Devin Winans, William's father, went into the boy's room after he heard him moving around in his crib. He reached into the crib and felt something "really slimy."According to follow-up report in The Herald & Review, the escaped python belonged to the occupant of a neighboring apartment. Mattoon police cited Shelby C. Guyette, 23, for not having a secure terrarium.

Sadly, there have been other instances of pet snakes escaping and attacking children. Last July, Jaren Hare and Charles "Jason" Darnell, a Florida couple, were found guilty in the death of Hare's 2-year-old daughter, Shaianna. The toddler was strangled in 2009 by a pet Burmese python that had escaped from its aquarium.

To hear from Sara Lacey, William's mother, watch the below video from ABC News. And click over to The Herald & Review to learn about the fate of the python.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Andy Murray v Roger Federer – Wimbledon men's final

The decision has been made. The roof will be closed. And that doesn't bode well for Murray, because Federer is the best indoor player in the world. Yes, the conditions will be a touch slower, but the lack of wind means Federer will be serving to a higher percentage and will be able to go for the lines a little more. There again, staying positive, can you imagine what the atmosphere will be like under the roof? And that's got to work in Murray's favour.

It's raining, it's pouring
Play continues briefly. 15-0, 30-0, 40-0 on Federer's serve. But ladies and gentlemen, play is now suspended. Murray almost gets eaten up by the groundstaff and the covers, he's in no rush to leave the court, but he eventually trudges off. The break couldn't have come at a better time for him. It's not clear yet whether this is a passing shower, in which case the roof won't go on, or whether it's going to last longer. If the roof is closed, we're looking at a delay of around 30 minutes or so. But trust the British weather to add to the drama.

Third set: Murray 6-4, 5-7, 1-1 Federer* (*denotes next server)
Murray looks rattled but just about stays in touch. 30-all. 40-30. Game. He lets out a little yelp. "Loving the blow by blow coverage and updating the page way more often than necessary," says James Burn. "Thanks to the EU for forcing mobile companies to charge more reasonable prices for data roaming." And we could soon be thanking the rain too – with Murray on the ropes, an odd umbrella or two springs up on Murray Mound.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Serena Williams Wins Wimbledon Title

WIMBLEDON, England — Serena Williams is back, and she looks almost as good as ever.
The 30-year-old American won her fifth Wimbledon title Saturday on Centre Court, beating Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland 6-1, 5-7, 6-2 to claim her 14th major championship.All the focus this fortnight has been on Roger Federer's quest to match Sampras's seven title successes at the All England Club - but Williams quietly beat the Swiss marvel to the punch in equalling Sampras's pre-Federer grand slam benchmark.

The 30-year-old former world No1 joins Sampras with 14 career majors from 18 finals with her emotional two-hour, two-minute victory.
Poland's first grand slam finalist in 73 years, Radwanska did a commendable job even making a match of it.
There were fears early for the former Wimbledon that she may suffer the ignominy of being on the wrong end of the first double-bagel final defeat in 101 years.
The first-time major finalist trailed 5-0 and 15-40, but gallantly saved two set points and held with an ace to avoid the same sorry fate as Dora Boothby, who was humbled 6-0 6-0 by fellow Brit Dorothea Lambert Chambers in 1911.
After finally getting on the scoreboard, Radwanska seemed to benefit from a timely rain break after the opening set and most definitely seized on some Williams jitters to stretch the match to three sets.After hitting a backhand winner on match point, she fell onto her back to the grass. She then rose with a grin as big sister Venus – another five-time Wimbledon champion smiled and applauded, along with the rest of the crowd.On Saturday, she finished with 17 aces — including four in one game — and a record 102 for the tournament.
It was Williams' first Grand Slam title since she won at the All England Club two years ago. Shortly after winning that title, Williams cut her feet on glass at a restaurant, leading to a series of health problems, including being hospitalized for clots in her lungs.I never dreamt of being here again, being so down," Williams said. "Never give up. You can continue."
Williams is the first woman in her 30s to win a Wimbledon title since Martina Navratilova, who won at the All England Club in 1990 when she was 33.
In the men's final on Sunday, six-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer will face British hope Andy Murray. The fourth-seeded Murray is trying to become the first British man to win the title at the All England Club since Fred Perry in 1936.

South Russia floods kill at least 99

Russian news agencies say the death toll in flooding after torrential rains in a southern region has risen to 99.

The state news agencies ITAR-Tass and RIA Novosti said the figure came from unnamed officials at the Interior Ministry.The overnight rains dumped as much as 28 centimeters (about 11 inches) of water on parts of the Krasnodar region, forcing many residents to take refuge in trees or on house roofs.

The region is about 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) south of Moscow, bordering the Black Sea.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Justin Bieber Pulled Over For Speeding On The 101

Pop singer Justin Bieber was pulled over Friday morning for speeding on a Southland freeway, the California Highway Patrol confirms to CBS2.

Bieber was driving his chrome-colored Fisker Karma on the 101 Freeway around 11 a.m. when he was pulled over by two CHP officers at Vineland Avenue and Ventura Boulevard, officials said.

Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine claims he saw Bieber driving at speeds of over 100 mph as the young pop star attempted to get away from paparazzi.

Zine says Bieber was weaving in and out of traffic, which prompted Zine to called 911.Looks like he wasn't so lucky this time. The LA Times reports that Bieber was cited for driving in a "reckless manner." Given the recent strange story of celeb autographs in exchange for getting off the hook, we can take a guess at what the late Beverly Hills police officer Roy D. Garrett would have asked of Bieber in exchange for no ticket.

For all the Beliebers out there looking to catch a glimpse of the "Boyfriend" singer, he clearly loves the Valley as this is not the first time he's been pulled over in that part of town. Friday, he was given his citation at Vineland Avenue and Ventura Boulevard.

David Beckham given MLS ban for provocative behaviour

David Beckham has been given a one-game ban and fined an undisclosed amount for his "confrontational and provocative behaviour" during LA Galaxy's 4-3 defeat by San Jose.The former England captain was involved in a scuffle on the pitch during the Major League Soccer match on Saturday.

Angry at perceived time-wasting, he kicked the ball at Sam Cronin as the player lay on the ground. After being booked, Beckham then argued with opponents after the final whistle.
Thursday's ban was the latest blow in what has been one of the more trying weeks of Beckham's career.

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid AC Milan and England midfielder had been expected to be included as one of the three over-age players in Stuart Pearce's team for the London Games.

Chief London Olympic organizer Sebastian Coe is to discuss a "Games time role" with the globally recognized sports figure, who played an ambassadorial role in London winning the Olympics.

Michael Ybarra Dead

Freelance writer and Los Angeles native Michael J. Ybarra was killed while mountain climbing in the Sawtooth Ridge area on the edge of Yosemite National Park over the weekend, authorities said Thursday. He was 45.

Ybarra was climbing alone when he fell anywhere from 150 to 200 feet in this isolated and rugged region of the park, according to Kari Cobb, spokeswoman for Yosemite.

When he did not return home last Sunday from his one-day trip, Ybarra’s family and friends contacted Mono County search-and-rescue personnel.

After conducting an extensive search, Ybarra’s body was spotted by a Mono County helicopter Tuesday, Cobb said. Yosemite National Park authorities retrieved the body Wednesday when a helicopter became available to airlift him out of the area.

Accidents of this severity are not frequent, according to Cobb. More than 100 climbing accidents occur at Yosemite each year and of these, 15 to 25 parties do require a rescue, according to the park's website.The area of the Sierra Nevadas was without trails and only traversed by veteran climbers. After Ybarra, 45, did not return a friend's calls, emails or texts Sunday night, the friend contacted search-and-rescue personnel Monday, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A multi-agency search team could not find the climber Monday so a National Guard crew assisted the search via a Blackhawk helicopter, KRNY reports. The helicopter crew located Ybarra's body on the steep western flank between Cleaver Peak and Matterhorn Peak, the tallest peak in the Sawtooth Ridge. Although the body was found Tuesday, a helicopter was not available to airlift it out until Wednesday, the Times reports.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Steve Nash signs with the Lakers! (Sign and Trade

Website reported that Nash, a two-time NBA MVP, will team up with Lakers star Kobe Bryant in a move allows him contend for a title and stay in close proximity to In a sign-and-trade deal, the two-time MVP is leaving the Phoenix Suns for the Lakers, according to reports.Just when you thought the Steve Nash madness during the NBA 's free agency period couldn't get any crazier, it just did as the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix reports: Steve Nash has successfully negotiated a sign-and-trade deal from the Suns to the Lakers that will team him up with Kobe Bryant , according .Steve Nash won't be coming home to Canada. reported Wednesday night that the veteran point guard from Victoria has agreed to join the Losn an unforeseen twist that could thrust the Los Angeles Lakers straight back into title contention, two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has successfully.Before news of this deal broke, fans of the New York Knicks were considering the sight of Nash and his old running mate Amar'e Stoudemire reunited at Madison Square Garden. Earlier reports had the Knicks perilously close to landing Nash in a different sign-and-trade deal with the Suns, sending Iman Shumpert and Toney Douglas to Phoenix.

Before Stein's tweet about the impending Lakers-Suns deal, Frank Isola, the Knicks beat writer for the New York Daily News tweeted about the possibility of Nash landing in Hollywood instead of the Big Apple.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Marussia tester De Villota injured in test crash

Marussia's Spanish test driver Maria De Villota has been taken to hospital after being seriously injured in an accident while she was driving the team's Formula One car ahead of Sunday's British F1 Grand Prix.

The 32-year-old Spaniard was taking part in her first test at Duxford airfield when she crashed into a support truck after completing her opening installation lap. After treatment by trackside paramedics, De Villota was taken to the Addenbrooke's hospital.

Gary Sanderson, an East of England ambulance service spokesman, said that the driver had "sustained life-threatening injuries".

According to eyewitnesses, the accident occurred after De Villota had pulled up in front of her mechanics after completing her first lap. As the mechanics approached to wheel the car back for service, it accelerated forwards and crashed into the stationary vehicle parked nearby."Maria has been transferred to hospital. Once her medical condition has been assessed a further statement will be issued."

BBC radio presenter Chris Mann, who witnessed the crash, said De Villota's car had ploughed into the truck after suddenly accelerating.

"She got into the car, fired it up and did a test run at probably about 200mph in the rain," Mann said.

"The car was slightly misfiring but there didn't seem to be any concerns.De Villota is the daughter of former F1 driver Emilio de Villota and joined Marussia as a test driver at the start of this season, becoming the sport's first full-time female driver since Italian Giovanna Amati with the Brabham team in 1992.

De Villota had previously tested for Renault and had racing experience in Spanish F3 and the Daytona 24-Hours.

The Russian-owned team started in Formula One as Virgin Racing in 2010 and rebranded as Marussia for the start of the current season. It has yet to pick up a point this year ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone.