Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Joey Votto ejected by home plate umpire in 3rd inning

The former National League MVP was ejected from Wednesday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and is very likely to face further disciplinary action after making chest-to-chest contact with home-plate umpire Chris Conroy. . He was ejected harshly. When he realized what happened, he charged and bumped the home plate umpire.So when Votto finds out he was ejected from the game after one at bat, he naturally went off and went on a rampage. Votto walked away upset after the strikeout and went to the dugout and grabbed his glove to take position at first base, but that’s when he realized that he was ejected and set him off so much that he bumps the home plate umpire and gets inches within his face, which could result in a lengthy suspension.

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