Monday, 26 August 2013

Lori Welbourne Topless Interview With Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray

A Canadian radio host and newspaper columnist took off her top during an interview with her local mayor this week and continued asking him questions bare-chested. Lori Welbourne, who hosts the radio show On The Rocks and writes a column for the Province newspaper, was talking to Walter Gray, mayor of Kelowna in British Columbia, about whether it was legal in the town for women to bare their breasts in public. Gray said that it is not illegal for women to go topless in public in Kelowna. "I’m not suggesting you should do that but I don’t think you’d be committing any crime or breaking any bylaw," he clarified. When asked why it would be inappropriate, he said that the reason was probably that it was distracting. Welbourne responded that she found earlobes attractive, and asked Gray if he would cover up his ears. International Go Topless Day, which supports women having the same right to go bare-chested as men, was on Sunday. Gray later told CBC News that he knew what was coming ahead of time and was playing along.

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